Providing A Pound Of Cure

Since Cyber Crime and information security breaches are a virtual certainty in today’s digital world, a CEO must invest in cyber security as the best proactive means to prevent and mitigate the resulting costly damage to the business, it’s customers and employees. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Mark Desrosiers, AInstIB Mark Desrosiers, AInstIB President
Summit Business Solutions, LLC

A Successful Defense = Remain Safe

So much of what we all do is handled across technology platforms linked together via WiFi and the internet. It likely represents the most critically vulnerable aspect of anyone’s business. And the worry is that aggressors only have to be successful once to wreak havoc. Defenders have to successful near 100% of the time to remain safe.

James D. Cotterman James D. Cotterman Principal
Altman Weil, Inc.

It is A Win For Everybody

There is nothing more important than the security of our client’s data and personal information. Our clients trust us! This is not something that can be left to chance. Advisors must take steps on their own to secure their clients data, but anytime we can provide value to our advisors and their clients by coordinating our cybersecurity efforts, it’s a win for everyone

Joseph S. Little, CLU Joseph S. Little, CLU Managing Partner
Bala Financial Group

Very little is of as much importance today as having strong cyber security policies and processes in place, and protecting oneself and one’s organization from cybercrime. For one thing, there is an incredibly large amount of cybercrime in existence and no one is immune from being approached and affected by cyber criminals. Victims of hacking, ransom demands, and other types of cyber breaches have to spend hundreds or even thousands of hours dealing with the problem. Finally, if like our firm you have data and information from your clients housed within your systems, cybercrime can affect them through you, and you could end up facing thousands of dollars in losses, you have to pay to them and you might also find yourself the defendant in a lawsuit brought by one or more of your clients.

James S. Wilbur James S. Wilbur Principal
Altman Weil, Inc.

Cyber crime is very serious for every CEO and all size companies. An infraction can impact your data that is confidential; and also cause your company to be viewed differently with insurance carriers, clients and employees.

Nanette Sciolla Carney Nanette Sciolla Carney Chief Executive Officer & Founder
The Carney Group

My company provides Software Hosting and Managed Services to Property Management industry customers. Most of our clients believe their businesses are invisible to cyberattacks and the cost to implement cyber security is too expensive. I ask them, what is the cost of having your systems go down for a day, or two, or a week. What is the cost of having your bank accounts cleaned out?

Hiring a Managed Service Provider like Lime Systems brings around-the-clock monitoring, data backup and recovery, firewall and network protection, real-time threat prevention and more. What is the cost for peace-of-mind?

Chief Executive Officer MBI Software Solutions, Inc. Mark Blumberg Chief Executive Officer
MBI Software Solutions, Inc.